Ryleton Pty. Ltd.

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Nominated Architect / Director: R. Del Pizzo

NSW Reg. No. 3972     QLD Reg. No. 3761

Robert Del Pizzo

Director/ Principle Architect


Dennis Wimmer Leading Architect

Peter Del Pizzo

Project Architect


Principle director Robert Del Pizzo graduated in 1977 from the University of NSW and commenced private practice in 1979 after a number of positions with other architectural firms.


Robert Del Pizzo (Director/Principle Architect):

- Bachelor of Science in Architecure (UNSW)1973

- Bachelor of Architecture (UNSW) 1976

- Contractor Builder Licence 1977

- Board of Architects of New South Wales 1979

- Associate of the Royal Australian Institute of Architect's

- Bachelor of Law (UTS) 1995

- Associate of the Institute of Arbitrators Australia 1997


Dennis Wimmer (Leading Architect):

- Bachelor of Science in Architecture (Uni. Sydney) 1983

- Bachelor of Architecture (Uni. Sydney) 1987


Peter Del Pizzo (Leading Designer):

- Certificate IV of Architectural Technology 1998

- Diploma of Architectural Technology 1999

- Advanced Diploma of Architectural Technology 2000

- Bachelor of Arts in Architecture (UTS) 2005

James Corral

Project Architect

James Dacey

Project Architect